Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And so it begins...

It was spluttering and blowing oil but it looks like the blog machine is up and running again for season 2010. I've enjoyed 6 weeks off where the only cycling involved visiting here (scroll left)

with bunches of good mates

for a few too many of these.

The result? I'm down 30 watts at threshold and 5kg heavier which means I'm operating at half a watt per kg less than 6 weeks ago. Some changes to the bike include some of those crazy rings from Rotor.

They seem to have helped maintain a smooth pedal stroke during the break but they'd need to pedal themselves to have helped me on the weekend. The race debut for 2010-11 season came on Saturday a week after returning to training. The Phillip Island Grand Prix is 25 laps totaling 111km's of wind changes and punchy climbs. It was a very good yardstick of were I'm at. 180+ riders started and approximately 50 finished. As expected I was one of the 130 DNF's. Some good race practice in a very sketchy peleton though. Being the mtber I am with limited bunch experience it was nice to find myself in the right place most of the time until I ran out of legs.

Next stop looks like being FGP's Chase The Sun series with a solo number on the front. Stay tuned for my take on this 1x10 thing everyone is raving about. The '10' part coming care of BlackCatBoneBikes and their custom 10 speed SRAM X.0 twistshift.

Yep it's got an extra click!

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