Monday, May 31, 2010

The Grover Diet

So the Dukan Diet appears to be taking Australia by storm. Well forget that...introducing the latest fad diet...the Grover Diet. Simplicity is key and this one couldn't get more simple. Ride your bike as fast as you can for a few hours wearing too many clothes.
You can't physically drink enough to replace the fluids you lost and the scales will smile when you next step on them. I lost a kilogram an hour on this diet!

Round 1 of Full Gas Promotions' Chase The Sun series was held yesterday. That severe CTL rise of last week still had me a bit under the weather so I rugged up for the start. Two and a half hours later I was sweating up a storm and I finally ditched some clothes.
Alas, the damage was done. The right quad was the first to feel the effects with some minor cramps. I dropped from third to fifth. Whether it be from not having spent more than two hours on a mtb in the last ten weeks, or from the lack of quads control on my patella tracking stemming from the cramps, or a combination of the both I started to get some knee pain and pulled the pin at four hours. One hour short of the finish but with the depth of solo entrants in Victorian mtbing at the moment that dropped me from fifth to 19th. There is some serious growth going on in this sport!

Other than the result the rest of the day was all positive. A sold out event with everyone in good spirits having a ball on a TAAGO (tacky-as-all-get-out) track. The 1X10 setup was perfect gearing for the solo onslaught with a 34tooth chainring. All other Apollo riders got on the podium. My 'moto' inspired mudguards looked awesome...even if you don't say so. Get in quick for the next round as it's already 40% full!


Maxine said...

I somehow dont see this as I diet... and not everyone OWNS a bike!

Grover said...

You're right, it's not a diet. It's a joke.

If you're actually looking for weight loss tips then eating well and regular exercise works for me. I have also found it possible to exercise without a bike on occasion as well.