Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shut Up Legs!

We've all seen clips like this but it never gets old.

That was the theme for my weekend. After a week of rainy, dark and cold after work training sessions Saturday dawned without a drop of precipitation on the radar. Excellent! A mate had told me to meet at Mordialloc at 8.30 for a spin down to Arthur's Seat. He hadn't mentioned it was with a solid bunch comprised of VIS and Australian Road Cycling outfitted fellas. I spent 5 hours with them. A good chunk of that time north of 40 clicks chewing stem. Not to mention the threshold effort required to avoid keeping them waiting at the top of Arthur's too long for me. Add the extras required post ride to do some errands and it was a big day.

What better way to follow that up than with a mtb race on a Rohin Adams inspired course. For everyone that doesn't know that means hills. Steep hills...and lots of 'em. A grade did 2 laps of 24km. It went up for 10km, then rolled for 2km, then down for 8km, then rolled for 2km and finished with 2km of muddy/sloppy double track funness (yes, that is a word).

As you could have guessed I was popped pretty early. Funny how you think you've recovered well until you try to turn the screws a bit and the legs start crying. I rode whatever tempo I could muster up the climb and let it all hang out on the descent to roll back onto the lead group as we reached the bottom. A bunch of 10 rolled through to complete lap one together and then it was a case of deja vu. The climb started the second time around and I got popped the second time around. I settled into that tempo again hoping the time gap wouldn't be too ugly. It was. Even more sideways action was had going down this time but to no avail. The leaders stayed away by a couple of minutes. I found myself in a two up sprint for 4th and 5th, except when I tried to open it up the legs said 'no sprint for you!' (think soup nazi episode of seinfield).

Looking at the sky post race it's hard to know how the bike's got so dirty! Hopefully we get more of the same next week. Training in the dark aint so bad, it's when it's cold and raining that it gets hard to swallow.

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