Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christmas in July

The present this week was a trip to the function rooms at Sandown Racecourse to peruse the 2011 offerings from Apollo. Recently I've rung the guys on a Sunday or 10pm on a weeknight worrying about disrupting them only to find them hard at work at the office. It certainly looks like the long hours have paid off.

Most of the team were on hand for some happy snaps

Mens Road Team

Prime Estate Womens Team

MTB Team

and even a Trackie!

The ArctecM was the last bike I looked at. Mainly because I knew I wouldn't be looking at anything else once I got there.
It drops a couple of pounds for 2011, helped in no small way by the new Easton EA90XC wheelset. True UST tubeless at under 1400 grams!
They also appear on the Arctec's all new dual squish twin.
There's also a big wheeled aluminium brother in the line up for 2011
Which gets the BLING Haven 29er wheelset to keep things stiff and light.
and is dripping in new 2x10 SRAM X.0

The biggest change at the top end of the line up is on the tarmac though with new framesets for both the EliteC and ArctecR. It's PHAT where it should be and skinny where comfort is key...not to mention the stiffness upgrade by going to BB30 and a weight drop of more than 500grams.
SLIM stays look super comfy!
Complete with POWER...and still under 6.8kg meant the road guys didn't stray too far from the ArctecR. I think they're in LURVE...
There was even a new TT bike on show.

Rob Eva and the SRAM crew were on hand to run through some setup tips
Note the cool new FACTOR wheelset on the EliteC.

Oh yeah, I did some riding as well. Melbourne to Ballarat on Saturday. My first handicap and a real eye-opener. Positioning is so important...I was a bit careless and got spat. Note to self; don't do that at Midlands Tour on Saturday or Tour of Gippsland next week. I'd been given some Carboshotz gels to trial and stupidly used a couple in the race. They're terrible and 7 hours post race still didn't feel like eating. Back to the favourite Leppin for next time. I did manage to stomach a bit of the 'fat arsed gnome' though.
One of my favourite drops from Belgium last year. It's a bit of a rarity in Oz so when I find it I buy it. Props to the European Bier Cafe for having it. I was hoping it had plenty of carbs because it was my race 'food' for the next days six hours of Lysterfield trails for Chase the Sun round 2. My legs were shot and it appeared my partner was in no better shape, still being on the Carltons on route to the race at 7am Sunday morning.
OK so it was actually orange juice but he had had a decent night and wasn't too keen on being awake at that time. 'Bus still ripped it up all day on the single speed cyclocross machine though.
and I got around for a few laps as well. The speed was there to hang with the front guys...for about 15 minutes before the previous days racing and lack of food caught up with me. We went backwards after that and didn't even look at the results. Probably about seventh I reckon. Solid field of 480 riders and perfect weather (if you were off track during the last hour of rain like me) made for a very enjoyable day though.

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