Sunday, July 04, 2010

Slip Slidin'

I got a few hours of saddle time on both the roadie and mtb in my favourite playground, the dandenongs. While the weather man and radar said it should be pretty clear an eery mist was well set in all around the mountain, there was plenty of moisture on the ground and it was S-L-I-C-K. That meant a rather cold roadie ride as I held back a bit on the descents. However, it meant nothing but laughs on the mtb.

A good bunch of larakins embarked on the adventure and each spent their share of time with one foot on the pedals, watching their rear wheel come around in front of them, as they careered of the track and into the bushes. No damage done though. Well, except for this...

Rob found half his pedal attached to his bike and the other half still attached to his shoe. A common problem that Crank Brothers have hopefully fixed by replacing the bushing with a needle bearing in the latest version of their Eggbeaters. I'll let someone else be the test dummy though. For now I'll stick with the offerings from that company that makes fishing reels.

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