Sunday, August 22, 2010


WARNING: low level gore below. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Rewind three weeks ago and I was flying high. I'd spent the day racing around in a red bodysuit and was gearing up for a week off work to race the first round of the National Road Series aka the Tour of Gippsland. So how did that go?
160guys, 550kms, 8 stages, 4 of them 1km crits, 2 of them hailing and gale force winds, 2 crashes for me and a DNF. A few weeks later and I've got a hole in my face and can't sleep on my left side...
A recipe for disaster!
Positives? I had the legs/tactical nouse to finish with the lead group on all but the first stage, and on that occasion it was more the tactical nouse than the legs that let me down. That meant if I hadn't have headbutted the asphalt in Paynesville on the last day and registered a DNF I would have snuck into the top 50 on GC. I even managed to position myself in the top 10 within a kilometre of the line on one stage...but learnt how aggressive it is up there and ended up in the gravel.
Negatives? Well the DNF, the hole in my face to remind me of it for the rest of my life, and the resulting time off the bike...and work!

Cycling is a hobbie, a fun hobbie, and if it's not fun I don't do it. When there's oozy wounds and dressings to be changed with the risk of infection and more time off work a pedal isn't turned in anger. So what pedal turning has been done?
Melbourne turned on one of its clearest days in a while lasts weekend. I celebrated by taking in some roadie climbs. A perfect opportunity to test out the panorama mode on the phone. Not bad.
Then it turned on a filthy week so I took some of the young guns from Rollin Cycles out on an EvaEpicesque ride on some secret trails, tested the new 2011 Apollo Duallie (stealth!), and had another shot at the mobile phone's seems to have broken my bike though?
Oh, and I got a fix for my cycling shoe addiction.
So now it's 9 weeks out from the first National MTB Round. Probably time to do more than one ride a week again. Final note. Sadly Rollin Cycles has now closed. If like me you appreciated their good advice and quality work then head over to BikesDirect in Carnegie as Justin the Mechanic is now spinning wrenches there.

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