Monday, September 13, 2010

See the Light

It's a great time of year. The daily commute requires no lights...or leg warmers. Even a gillet is surplus to requirements on occasion. That makes me happy. What makes me unhappy is the lack of riding time. Mid week I can deal with it. But when my weekends get taken up by non-pedaling activities I have to prioritise. That means MTB only.

The weekend before last was the final round of the DirtRiders winter series. Upper Beaconsfield is one of the best courses around and in amazingly good condition given the recent levels of precipitation.

Awesome fun and a great hit out. I even managed to see the front when AJ missed a pedal half way through the first lap after a muddy run-up. He soon remedied that though and took young gun Michael Crosbie with him as I slipped to third. I had a bit of a battle with Craig Borham for the final podium spot mid race but ended up with a safe 20 odd second gap across the line.

This weekend just gone once again only had room for one day on the bike. Having impulsively entered the You Yangs Yowie mid week I ventured out to reacquaint myself with the trails. I forgot how well that place handles the rain though and wore the tractor tyres. Not good when you're chasing two Chancellor boys around for three hours. It almost felt like a road ride as I groveled to hold their wheel north of 30km/h through the flat tracks. If one of them isn't a World 24hour Solo Champion in a months time I'll be amazed! Note to self: Ride a 29er for the Yowie.

Oh yeah, I've got a little project in the works. Apparently they're all the rage in Europe.

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