Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Ultimate Cycling Weekend

Last weekend was all about bikes. On Friday night I soloed it down to Portarlington to meet up with a couple of other cycling nuts in James Mowatt and Rohin Williams.
I caught the sunrise as I headed off to the You Yangs to demo some big wheels at the Yowie 99km race. Unfortunately I missed a track arrow on the first 33km lap and came through 3km short. While I enjoyed being heralded as the lone leader I quickly clarified the situation, blaming it on the big wheels being too fast to see properly.
So with 30km in the legs the solution was to start again with the 66km race. This was going swell. The benefits of 29inch wheels were clear in the rock gardens as I neglected to pick lines and just rode over everything. I wasn't loving dragging them up the hills though until I realised it was actually a slipping seatpost causing such a burn in my legs. So next time through transition I stopped...and the coffee van was too tempting. Rohin came through about 15 minutes later so fueled by caffeine I headed out with him for a cruisy final lap.

The next day it was all about the skinny wheels as the best cyclists in the world threw down in our own backyard for the rainbow bands.
This was my hangout for the day.
It was definitely where all the action was happening.
Seeing Gilbert blast up this in the big ring on the final lap to get a gap was amazing.
Come the end of the race it was a decent groupetto.

Oh, and I found some time to build these.
Just have to block out a few evenings in a row to get them glued.